Other Books

The Soul of Selling captures everything I learned in 30 years of producing record-breaking sales results; developing rich, productive relationships with clients and customers; and learning to love selling and do it in an easy, natural way! It guides you through 6 quick, easy steps that guarantee big sales numbers, service to others, and personal fulfillment. It’s all about doing good and doing well, feeding your soul as well as your bottom line. Read more here

Sell Yourself Without Feeling Pushy, Creepy, or Weird! offers guidelines for selling yourself in an easy, natural, and authentic way that serves everyone with whom you speak–and also get the precise sales results you want. Transform those queasy, uneasy feelings about selling yourself into a clear, open confidence so that you handle objections with ease and aplomb, and close the sale with skill and grace. See more here


Creativity on Demand: Write in the Zone shows how to find that focused, spontaneous, relaxed place where we feel clear, imaginative, energized and productive–even on a deadline! Words flow out of us, and we can feel that divine spark we call creativity moving within us. This book is about developing your unique relationship with the Zone, and your particular way of using it. See more here


Chasing Grace: A Novel of Odd Redemption is a raw, funny look at spiritual coming of age, at unconventional ways to heal deep emotional wounds, and at finding greater purpose in surprising places despite desperate odds. Cathy Callahan runs away at age ten to escape her mother’s abuse and find God, whom she first met….(read more)

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