Creativity on Demand

Is your book still sitting in the computer, instead of thriving on Amazon or in a bookstore?

Creativity on Demand shows how even a naturally lazy, anxious person like myself learned to write in the Zone, on demand, even on a deadline. That skill—and it was a learned skill—changed everything. It helped me make my living as a freelance writer for 40 years without getting crazy. I just had to remember to take a deep breath, call on that transcendent spark, and be very grateful.

The Zone is that luscious place of focused, spontaneous, and relaxed concentration in which we feel imaginative, clear, energized, creative, and hugely productive. Words pour out of us. Thoughts and ideas bubble forth from somewhere within that we can’t clearly define. To see Creativity on Demand on Kindle, click here.

This book is about developing and nurturing your unique relationship with the Zone, and your particular way of using it. It includes:

• How to tap into your natural creativity and create your personal Zone—and how to get it back when you lose it
• 3 Secret Strategies for finishing your book
• How to recognize Zone-Blockers like distractions, The Grey Fuzz, and Dark Fears—and how to bust them
• Practical tricks like using the organized, left brain to get your creative, right brain into gear

The Zone is not for special people, or radically talented people, or even good people. It’s for all of us. It is our birthright, if we take a little time to master accessing it. All we need is a little self- knowledge, some gentle discipline, and some of the many tricks in this book.

I believe that each of us has something to give the world, something that comes from deep within us. When we don’t express ourselves with that art, we suffer. When we bring what we love into the world and share it with others, we are living as our highest selves.

That experience is available to anyone who reaches out for it.

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